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Courtney, 17, Australia.
Height: 171cm.
HW: 85.6kg
CW: 59.3kg

Fitness Instagram: fit_healthy_you
Personal Instagram: courtneym97
Other blog: pri-tea

Yeah maybe, i really honestly dont know, i do eat alot of vegan meals and stuff and have considered going vegan but i just dont knoww


hey lovely i really do not know much about anxiety at all ad how to help, the best thing would be to contact a doctor or specialist and get professional advice on how to fight it and deal with it, I wish i could  be of more help but i really do not know. this site seems helpful though! Have a read:


Helloo! I didnt have food or exercise plans, i was pretty young so i just stuck to eating healthy foods and working out :) Some tips i would have though, if i were to give myself some advice back when i was losing weight, and some advice that may help you:

1. Educate yourself, understand what it means to be healthy and what foods you should be eating and how much you should be eating because its super important to understand what you are doing and how much your body needs to be eating 

2. Switch up your workouts so you don’t get bored of the same thing, make them fun, find a workout buddy and dont force yourself to run 10km if you hate running

3. Eat healthy foods that you enjoy, theres no point sitting down to a plate full of brocolli, even though you hate it, you eat it because you know its healthy, there are plenty of amazing, tasty healthy foods, you just have to find them

4. Stay motivated, write down your goals and what you need to do to achieve them, reward yourself when you reach these goals and never give up

5. Treat yourself, understand that its okay to slip up, its okay to have some chocoalte or a peice of cake, dont let a healthy lifestyle ruin your social life or the way you feel about food because everything is good for you in moderation, wether its good for your mind or your body, both are fine

6. Enjoy the journey, be happy and keep your eye on the end results! Take progress photos and measurements and dont let a number define you :)

Good luck with everything love!! x


Hellooo! Why dont you try getting up early and working out? I know it sounds hard but trust me, ocne you get into the routine, you won’t want to go back! I used to never get up early in mornings to workout because i couldnt, but once i started, got in to the habit, i felt weird if i didnt workout in the morning! I work out before school every day and it makes me feel amazing and happy and energised ready for the day! Either work out in the morning or maybe do it at night, look up some workout videos online and do them in your room or something! :) xx